Jacqueline Falcone

Hospitality is the art of making anyone feel at home. In Hospitality: Hosting Relations in Exhibitions, Beatrice von Bismarck and Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer argue that a curatorial situation is inherently an act of hospitality, as invitations and resources are being offered among institutions, artists, artworks, and audiences. But an invitation alone is not sufficient to make a person feel welcome. What are some correlations between hospitality and accessibility?

My curated selections of titles-on-loan are on shelves too high to reach naturally. I’ve placed a ladder inside the bookshelves, which visitors may climb to access the upper shelves. This is at once an invitation and a metaphor, a process necessary to engage the installation as well as a symbolic action that asks visitors to think critically about the obstacles, both structural and emotional, that we each face in the acquisition of knowledge.

Jacqueline Falcone is an independent curator who recently relocated to Los Angeles from Miami, FL. She has worked for both commercial galleries and non-profit arts organizations, such as ICA Miami, MOCA North Miami, Cannonball, and Bill Brady Gallery. In 2012 she founded Bed & Breakfast, an exhibition space located within her bedroom, to explore connections between art and hospitality. Falcone’s approach to exhibition-making is firmly rooted in community building, and she strives to create a sense of “home” as she moves through distinct locations and publics.